Monday, August 27, 2007

To Love, Honor, and Vaccuum

I decided to make To Love, Honor, and Vacuum (when you feel more like a maid than a wife and mother) by Sheila Wray Gregoire my August selection for the Non-Fiction Five Challenge. I don't read very many Christian living/parenting/homeschooling books anymore. It seems like once you've read a bunch there is "nothing new under the sun" anymore to read about these subjects (there are exceptions of course!) I wouldn't say this book is a huge exception to that, but there were a few different perspectives on the subject of housecleaning/marriage/parenting that I gleaned from the book. I guess they didn't make too big of an impression on me though because I can't really recall much about the book! ROFL (I finished it over a week ago.) But I will just share this quote:

Speaking of "the good old days" such as the 1950's:
"Obviously we cannot return to that time. But it is useful to look at what was good about it, and how things have changed both positively and negatively. As we launch into our investigation of the problems of women's work today, let's remember some of these lessons. one of the reasons you're feeling stressed is because things are more difficult than they were when our mothers were young! It's not that your mother and grandmother did a better job than you do, but that they did a different job. Women in earlier generations weren't perfect. They just had different things to cope with, and had more community resources to help them along the way. When we realize this, we can move on to practical solutions that will help us in our lives today."

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