Monday, August 13, 2007

Harry far

I posted this to the Sonlight forums and thought I'd do the same here.....

I'm almost through the first half of the first Harry Potter book. So far I'm not all that impressed! I was hoping to love this book and feel better about my misgivings about "should a Christian read these books?" If there wasn't such a hubbub (sp?) about these books, if I had never heard of the book and all the hoopla before I started reading it, I probably would have shelved the book by now.

I'm still wondering about all the witches, spells, robes, potions, magic, etc. in the book. I was led to believe this wasn't as big a part of the book as the naysayers think, that the book is more about character development and all those things. But so far I think the book is quite filled with all the "magic" stuff! I'm just not sure about this yet. I will finish the book and decide after that.

Please understand I'm not accusing or anything regarding the controversial aspect of the book. I'm seriously trying to understand how this is acceptable as a Christian. I'm still not sure!

Also, I am one chapter past where they got to the school and were sorted into houses. Will it pick up more from here? If you're a Harry Potter lover, did the book grab you from the beginning or did it take awhile to get "hooked"?


Carrie K. said...

This post that I wrote about the book "Looking for God in Harry Potter" might answer some of your questions about why the magic stuff is ok for Christians:

Especially look at the quote on invocation vs. incantational magic.

Then again, it might not change your mind, and that's okay. I'm just glad you're investigating it for yourself! And if you just don't like the story - while I don't get it! - that's your perogative, too.

I seem to remember that there are a few slower passages in the first one, but it does pick up.

Beckyb said...

My husband, who is a big fan of Harry, said that especially when you finish all of them - you almost wonder if Rowling had spiritual implications - not saying she did, but the parallels are VERY close!! He was glad he read them and would encourage our boys to as well. There is a great book at our library too about finding God in Harry Potter - maybe not all that logical, but still you can see that there may be some good there!

Amy said...

I have read all 7 of them(only once though) and I definitely saw some of the spiritual parallels. That said, the genre is not everyone's favorite. I love some types of fantasy and sci-fi but not all.

Maybe that's it?

I remember that the first one started out a bit slow but I was hooked before they got to Hogwarts.

Lynne said...

I haven't read any of them, and really have no desire to do so. I did take Shelby to see the first movie years ago. Just not my cup of tea.

Stephanie said...

Hey, I didn't know you had as many blogs as I do (I too try to update my craft blog, book blog and adoption blog regularly). Anyway, I am a Harry Potter fan and really enjoyed the series. My husband and I are christian and we look at them as a form of entertainment. I am looking forward to when Leah is a bit old so we can read them to her.