Monday, January 15, 2007

Books Not Read

I think my list of books *not* read is way longer than my list of books finished. I will not continue reading a book I cannot get into. Sometimes I can tell in the first few pages that it is not a book I'm going to like, sometimes it takes a bit longer.

My first unread book of 2007 is A Bride Most Begrudging by Deanne Gist. Just not my cup of tea. I had to skim to the end though because it is this month's book for my book club (meeting this Thursday night).

The next book to bite the dust is The Justice by Angela Hunt. I got all the way to page 110 and then I lost interest! The first book I read by her was Unspoken in 2005, for the book club. I really liked it. In July 2006 I read The Awakening and I loved it! So I made a list of all her books and decided to try them all. The next one I read was The Debt and I liked that one well enough. But then there was The Pearl and The Note and The Novelist and I couldn't get into any of those! So now after this latest non-read I'm going to leave her books alone for awhile. :-)

I am now reading Crow Lake by Mary Lawson, recommended by Becky at
In the Pages.... I hope this one is good Becky! :-)


Amy said...

:( Sorry to hear about A BRIDE MOST BEGRUDGING and THE JUSTICE. I have them both on my TBR but not on my challenge list.

I will probably put them off for a while now...LOL

CROW LAKE is also on my list...hope you fare better with that one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen. Great blog!


Jane said...

"Books not read" LOL, what a great topic, I could give you a long list too!!! I usually give a book 100 pages and if I don't like it after that, I leave it. Before I used to finish them no matter what.

Interestingly enough Captian Corelli does not appear in Captain Correlli's Mandolin under about the 100th page, if I remember rightly...glad I stuck with it!

I also read The Note and wasn't overly impressed by it. Maybe I'll do a post soon about my "non-reads"!!

Jane said...

urgghhh, excuse my spelling, I guess that is what the preview button is for! I should use it more often! :)

Joy said...

Hi Eileen ~

FYI: The link to "In the Pages" goes to my blog "Thoughts of Joy...".

Lotus Reads said...

hi, Eileen!

I came to your blog via Joy's. I read there how you are wanting to tackle "Jane Eyre" this year and I thought I should let you know that PBS is going to be televising "Jane Eyre" on the 21st and 28th of Jan. Sometimes watching the film makes it easier to read the book.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Happy Reading!