Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another No-Go

I just read through a bunch of reviews of The Shell Seekers on Amazon and they were almost all 5 star, glowing reviews. Hmmmm.....I really didn't give it much of a chance, I'll admit (2 chapters plus the prologue). But, it just wasn't doing a thing for me. Maybe I'm just not in the right mood? If anyone tells me I just HAVE to read more before giving up on it, I'll try it again at a later date. But for now, it's going back to the library and permanently off my TBR list. I'm reading Anne of Green Gables then I'll go on to my new pile of library books. (I read Anne in late junior high, the first 2 books, then the whole series in my early 20's - so this is a re-read for me.)

Now I'm off to watch the football games. GO PACKERS! (oh that's right, they're not playing, sigh) Go Saints! Go Colts!


Sarah said...

I feel confident in saying that you will not be at a great loss if you never read The Shell Seekers. I remember it being OK, fairly mushy, and I did go on to read a few other Pilcher books after that. No offense to Mrs. Pilcher, who I'm sure is a lovely lady, but I'm not remembering a whole lot of depth to her books...(but it's been over 15 years).

Joy said...

I have only heard very positive things about THE SHELL SEEKERS, but like with all books...the right frame of mind or mood needs to proceed it. :)

If you really are pushing yourself to read it, it may not be the right time. Just a thought.

Krakovianka said...

It always takes me a while to "get into" a book by Pilcher, but I have yet to be disappointed. I prefer character-driven books to plot driven ones, and the plots of these are slow-moving at best. But the characters are amazing--imperfect people grappling with real life problems and finding ways to enjoy life rather than succumbing to tragedy or inertia.

I would not say, however, that Pilcher's books would be universally appealing. If it's not your cup of tea...well, you can't read all the books in the world anyway, so you might as well read something you like.

Beckyb said...

Eileen - I am trying to add you to bloglines but it says there is no RSS Feed - if you go under Layout - Publishing - I am just curious if your weblogs for updating is turned on. No big deal but I do everything through Bloglines now and so I forget to check you manually!!! If you can't figure it out - it is just fine!!! But I love the blog and don't want to miss it!!!

Joy said...

Hi Eileen!

Are you getting geared up for SISTER OF MY HEART (Divakaruni)? I picked mine up from the library today. When would you like to start and how do you want to go about reading this "together"? I'm open to any suggestions.


Joy said...

LOL...oops! Sorry. I thought it was you. I guess I should have written it down, huh? I think I'll wait until "someone" contacts me, so I don't confuse anybody else. :)