Saturday, February 2, 2008

1 Kings and Library Visit

So I finally finished 1 Kings. Of course then ahead of me is 2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles. Can't say I'm super excited about this! I know all of the Bible has value and there are parts of these books that are very interesting. But there are other parts, well not so much! But I plod on.

I am really enjoying Split Ends.

I went to the library today and checked out 10 books - 8 fiction and 2 non-fiction. They are:

Broken for You - Kallas
The Giver - Lowry
The Stone Diaries - Shields
Design on a Crime - Aiken
Desperate Pastors Wives - Kolbaba & Scannell
Julia's Chocolates - Lamb
Love Me if You Must - Young (eeek, sounds like a trashy romance novel but it's not, LOL. It's a mystery written by a Christian author)
The Horizontal World - Marquart
Hattie Big Sky - Larson
10-20-30 Minutes to Sew for Your Home - Nancy Zieman

Most of these were recommended on various book blogs and a few of them I saw in CBD's Christian fiction catalog.

If you've read any of these books, tell me what you thought!

I actually made 2 trips into the library, first time I've ever done that. First I loaded up my book bag with books to read to my girls, and a few CDs for Lindsey. I checked those out, took them back to my car, then went back in and loaded my book bag up with books for myself. The same guy checked me out both times. He noticed it was me again the second time, LOL.

I had to laugh, as I was driving there I was thinking of my southern friends, and how the tiniest bit of snow shuts everything down. Here, it was snowing pretty good, and there was just as much traffic as always. It certainly wasn't going to stop me from making a trip to the library by myself! (HEAVEN!!!) When I got to the library I couldn't even find a place to park! It was packed! No, things do not shut down here in Wisconsin unless it's a blizzard. LOL

Happy reading!


Lynne said...

I just finished Julia's Chocolates a few days ago and loved it. I did a review on my blog.

You should see things down here in Atlanta when snow is even mentioned as a possibility. The run on bread, milk, cigarettes and beer at the grocery stores is hilarious! You'd think people were going to be cabin-bound for weeks instead of maybe hours.

word wielder said...

I know what you mean about some parts of the Bible being easier to read than others. The parts that I have trouble ploughing through are the long genealogies, who was father to who, and the instructions to Moses about the dimensions of the Tabernacle in Exodus.
If you enjoy reading, could I suggest a book to you? "Outcasts of Skagaray" is a Christian novel, released in 2007, which involves action and suspense but minimal bloodshed. I would love to hear your opinion of it.

Eileen said...

Word Wielder - neither of my library systems have the book and I don't buy books for the most part. I'll put it on my TBR list in case I come across it somewhere. Who is the author?

Steve and Kristen said...

I've read "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. I generally like her books. (I used to teach middle school English.) This one is thought provoking and can lead to some interesting discussion. Have fun with it. I liked it.