Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still here!

Hi loyal readers! Are there any? If not I don't blame you for giving up on me! If you are there, can you let me know?

I am SO sorry I hardly post anymore. I do keep up with all your book blogs even if I rarely comment. I have been seriously thinking of ending all my blogs. But I can't quite bring myself to do it either. I type SO many posts in my head but they never end up on my blogs! I just rarely have the time/energy/ambition to actually post them. So I've been thinking of just scrapping everything. But I don't think I want to. I don't know! I guess for now you'll just have to settle for an occasional post and maybe some day I can get things going again. I have been keeping my sidebar current though with what I am reading and what I have read so far. I have read some great books this year.

I really do want to post about my library visits - what I check out and what I thought of those books. I was so excited to do that. But that fell by the wayside before I barely even got started. Again maybe someday! But for now, hang in there with me please! I will try to at least comment more often in other book blogs.

Happy reading!


Lynne said...

Eileen - I can understand why you can't post more often! Life with kids really can get in the way of blogging. I have you listed on my Google reader and check daily for new stuff. Hang around a bit longer if you can!

Much Ado said...

I have you in my google reader too, and I love it when a post from you appears! I know the feeling of scrapping the blog, I am amazed how you can do it with kids AND still read a lot. Maybe if I blogged less I would read more books! ;)
I hope you keep posting, i love checking in on you!

Amy said...

Hi Eileen-
I follow you through Google Reader. Just because you can't post often doesn't mean you should dump your blog. I say post when you can. We'll still be here when you have something to say and besides it's a great place to list your books.

Joy said...

Google Reader keeps me updated on your posts, too!

I'm happy to "see" you whenever you can make it. No pressure! :)

Carrie K. said...

I'm still reading - I click over whenever a new post shows up in Google Reader! And life gets busy - I completely understand.