Friday, May 18, 2007


I went to the library tonight to return Lindsey's videos which were due and to pick up 2 holds (one for me, one for the girls). Even though I have 5 library books at home already in my TBR pile, I HAD to get more! Once in awhile I just have to return things and don't have time to get any more books and it just kills me to leave the library with nothing. LOL I just love, love, love checking for available books online before I leave home, making a list, then going to the library and browsing the new books besides looking at the ones on my list. My book bag is usually quite heavy when I'm done. I always think to myself how I, once again, got more books that I can possibly read in a month's time (or more). I have a ritual of what I do with the books when I get home, that's for another post. :-)

So besides the books already in my pile, I now also have 6 or 7 more books, including:

The Birth House by Ami McKay

Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler

The Berenstain Bears and the week at grandma's (oops, that one's Lindsey's!)

I also picked up from on hold, Winterdance by Gary Paulsen (my first book for the Non-Fiction Five Challenge). I'll read that one as soon as I finish my current read, Winter Wheat by Mildred Walker (good so far!). I read about 100 pages of Sassy Cinderella that I wrote about in my last post but it never really grabbed me so I quit.

Next week Thursday-Sunday I'm going to North Carolina to visit a friend and attend the state's homeschool conference with her. I can't wait! I'm going alone, never done that before! The book I plan to bring along for the plane is Black Ice by Linda Hall. I love her books! I hope one book is enough. :-)

Happy reading!


Joy said...

Hi Eileen! I love the library, too! :) I read THE BIRTH HOUSE and the BERENSTEIN BEARS and thought they were very good. I also have the WINTERDANCE on my Non-Fiction Five list. I'm looking forward to it. Happy Reading!

Lynne said...

I just finished THE BIRTH HOUSE a short time ago and enjoyed it. I love the idea of libraries - you go in and they hand you books - for free!

Beckyb said...

Oh man, I am jealous - I am missing our Homeschool conference this year - let me know if you find anything GOOD!!! I need a snappy writing program!

violetlady said...

The library is one of my favorite places --- along with any book store. I always worry that I will not be able to finish the books because I get so many it seems. I also love the online access to our library.